Decide every week where, when, and how much you want to work.


Benefit from the opportunity to increase your salary 4 times a year, and tips are often provided.


Work on the Amsterdam canals, on terraces, in restaurants, and at events!

No prior experience is required . We offer various training courses to learn everything from serving to working behind the bar.

Each month we have a BeerQwartier and various fun activities.


Progress within your role to become  a shift leader, a party manager, a chef on a tour boat or an event manager.


“An employer that invests in the personal and professional growth of young people who are looking for a flexible part-time job in the hospitality industry. We provide training, coaching and fun in the workplace for young people who aspire to learn more in the hospitality industry. Our atmosphere, commitment and professional approach make WerQdag’s Quality Workforce more valuable to clients than other employment agencies.”



At WerQdag, no prior experience in the hospitality industry is necessary. We offer various training courses for every level:

  • Talent training: designed for all our new Quties, covering walking with a tray and four plates, setting a table as well as clearing the table. . We also explain how your salary is divided up and how holiday pay and allowances work.
  • Hospitality training: a weekend on one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, delving deeper into the meaning of hospitality. Emphasizing the experience and expectations of guests and clients, we believe this will be beneficial not only to your hospitality career but also to future employers.

Atmosphere training: spending a night at Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk. Covering teamwork, atmosphere within the team and for the guests, briefings, and wines.We also provide various Crew Qlinics where necessary, such as:

  • Bar training
  • Barrista training



WerQdag offers flexible employment opportunities for both the young and old, investing in personal and professional growth. Training, coaching, and an enjoyable work environment contribute to employee development. Our atmosphere, commitment, and professional approach make WerQdag’s Quality Workforce more than complementary to our selection of clients.

 We are happy to assist you in finding the right staff for your needs. We immerse ourselves in your organization, working methods, and requirements.

WerQdag provides the opportunity to hire temporary workers at a favorable, flexible rate. With this  flexible rate, you always pay exactly for what you get. Many of our clients find the flexible rate an attractive option. You can  select the employee’s level based on the number of stars they have.

Our employees always arrive well-prepared at locations . We create an information page for each location that includes procedures, explanations,  photos and regulations. We actively seek feedback to improve our employees  and provide customized training for specific locations.

Whether you wish to establish a pool of employees for specific days, request a permanent employee, or only require reinforcement during peak moments, we have it all covered! We always  strive to find a suitable match between the client and the temporary worker, ensuring a mutually enjoyable working relationship.


We are available 24/7 via our mobile number for last-minute inquiries or questions! Additionaly, we only charge costs for hired personnel. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Pay slips, employer contributions, and vacation days? We take care of all arrangements, adhering to the same collective labor agreement as your company  for all our employees.

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